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SVSU Womens Basketball
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SVSU Academy

This camp is designed to develop the individual skill set along with competitive game situations for players of all levels in middle school. Typically, we see the largest growth of development in this camp as players are taught the game with a 10,000 foot view of how to play in college. This simplistic approach removes scheme and style of play to just best suit the individual player skill set and how to adapt under pressure. This is our most skill intensive camp we have as evaluations, recruitment and comparisons are not utilized in this camp. We are simply getting the best out of each player to establish a firm foundation of confidence and growth.

June 25th - 27th
Grades: 6th - 8th
All Campers Check-In: 12:00pm, Day 1
Commuter Camp: 8:00am - 4:30pm, Daily
Overnight Pick-Up: 4:30pm, Day 3
Overnight: $300.00
Commuter: $200.00
Daily: $100/day

Please bring a copy of your medical insurance card to camp.

SVSU is not responsible for lost or stolen property